Below are some of the responses we have had from Headteachers who have worked with our SLEs:

'You have reassured me that my expectations are right and given me confidence to challenge. This is so helpful. Thank you for sharing this and other documentation.

I aim to secure ongoing support. I have copied to CTSN so they know just how much you have contributed.
Many thanks for your time and excellent insight.'

'Big shift of ethos to bring the Team together and working with each other. '

'Early indications of forecast data for current year 11 students suggests that 55% will achieve an A*-C grade in maths.  This is increased from 40% last year.  Levels of progress are dramatically increased also, up by near 20%.'

Examples of School to School Support work this year:

Mathematics/Numeracy in a Special School:

SLEs performed a learning walk to identify strengths and areas for development. They did some team teaching and observations, and gave support to an identified teacher. There was also support with routines and systems with in the department. The SLEs also performed some data analysis identifying under-achieving groups and looking at suitable interventions.

SLE help for a core subject department in a secondary school:

The SLE reviewed the early entry options, and used data to identify those students under-performing who needed extra intervention work. There was discussion of the strategies for the HOD to monitor the department more closely through observations, book scrutiny and shared planning. The projected outcomes are a clearer picture of where Year 11 are in Controlled Assessments and progress. The HOD is more in touch with the department and what is happening in the classroom, and it has also improved efficiency and effectiveness of department leadership. Shared resources have also been of assistance.