Meet Our SLEs

Teaching and Learning - Primary

  • Anna Patuck

    Anna Patuck

    Anna works as the KS2 Leader and Maths co-ordinator at Hatton Park Primary school, Longstanton, Cambs.

  • Anthony Hull

    Anthony Hull

    Anthony is Deputy Headteacher of at Katherine Semar Junior and Infant Schools, in Saffron Walden. He is currently developing the whole school assessment systems in response to changes in the National Curriculum as well as refining the school-wide systems for behaviour, Health and Safety and curriculum development.

  • Beci McCaughran

    Beci McCaughran

    Beci is one of Saffron Academy Trust’s Directors of School Improvement based at Katherine Semar Schools in Saffron Walden, where she is responsible for Teaching, Learning and Assessment. She is an English and phonics specialist with additional responsibility for CPD and curriculum. She would be happy to offer support in any of these areas.

  • Bethany Allen

    Bethany Allen

    Bethany works at Histon and Impington Junior school, specialising in English T & L, particularly Year 6.

  • Caroline Dolby

    Caroline Dolby

    Caroline is an Assistant Head at Katherine Semar Infant School, specialising in English, Phonics and Early Years.

  • Clare Weatherstone

    Clare Weatherstone

    Works at Hatton Park Primary school, Longstanton. Specialises in English, ITT support and leadership of CPD.

  • Emma Houlton

    Emma Houlton

    I am an Assistant Principal at West Town Primary Academy in Peterborough, with responsibility for T&L, Science and Literacy.

  • Emma Vincent

    Emma Vincent

    Emma is the Executive Headteacher at RA Butler Academies in Saffron Walden, specialising in school leadership and Initial Teacher Training. Emma is now a Local Lead Educator (LLE).

  • Izzy Aiken

    Izzy Aiken

    Izzy is an early years’ teacher at Radwinter Primary School specialising in Early Years and Phonics. She is also a member of the EYFS moderation team

  • James Horwood

    James Horwood

    IT and PE lead at Fourfields Primary school, Yaxley.

  • Janet Jenkins

    Janet Jenkins

    Histon and Impington Junior School. SEN advice for a primary setting from a Primary SENCO.

  • Jenny Robertson

    Jenny Robertson

    I work at St Laurence Catholic primary school, and can support with SEN and Inclusion.

  • Jo Cooper

    Jo Cooper

    Jo is a Deputy Headteacher at RA Butler Infants specialising in Mathematics and Infant School.

  • John Canavan

    John Canavan

    Works as Assistant Head at Hatton Park school in Longstanton. Has specialised in Maths support in particular.

  • Jonathan Clarke

    Jonathan Clarke

    Hemingford Grey Primary School

    • Pupil Achievement - English/Maths
    I am in my 4th year of teaching and lead basic skills and Years 5/6.
    I have a background in language and linguistics and enjoy teaching writing.
    I have mentored trainees and lead a team of professionals in the school on Basic Skills .
    Another area of specialism is leading on creative, cross curricular planning.
    I have spent two terms as an SLE helping in another primary school.

  • Karen Scott

    Karen Scott

    Karen is Deputy Head at RA Butler Academy Infant and Junior Schools and is an Essex Key Stage Two moderator. She has refined developed a whole school programme and policy for assessment and specialises in English and Year 6 teaching, learning, progress and outcomes. She has supported schools in whole staff CPD, individual support and in improving writing and assessment practices.

  • Kate Rigby

    Kate Rigby

    Primary Maths lead at Huntingdon Primary School.

  • Kate Wilson

    Kate Wilson

    St Matthew's Primary School

    • Leadership of Continuing professional development
    • Leadership of Curriculum
    • Pupil Achievement - Early years

  • Kathie Moy

    Kathie Moy

    Kathie is the SENCO and EAL Co-ordinator at Katherine Semar Infant and Junior schools. She works across EYFS and Key stage 1 and 2 and is the joint safeguarding lead at Katherine Semar Schools.

  • Lucy Hewerdine

    Lucy Hewerdine

    English Primary lead at Fourfields Community Primary school, Yaxley.

  • Malcolm Watson

    Malcolm Watson

    works at Histon & Impington Junior school, specialising in Maths support.

  • Melanie Shute

    Melanie Shute

    Trumpington Primary School. Can support with English, PE and PSHE in Primary schools.

  • Millie Chapman

    Millie Chapman

    I teach at Jeavons Wood primary school in Cambourne and can support in particular with Early Years and Phonics.

  • Natalie Martin

    Natalie Martin

    Works at Caldecote primary school, able to support with CPD, T & L, Mentoring and SEND

  • Peter Gaynord

    Peter Gaynord

    Hardwick School. Can support on leadership of CPD and ICT in Primary schools.

  • Rebecca Cruise

    Rebecca Cruise

    I am the Lead Teacher for Mathematics at West Town Primary School in Peterborough. I can support with resources, teaching and learning and CPD>

  • Rebecca Snelling

    Rebecca Snelling

    Rebecca is Deputy Head of Caldecote primary school and able to support with: English/PE/CPD/T & L/Phonics/mentoring.

  • Rebekah Jenkins

    Rebekah Jenkins

    Deputy Head of Little Paxton Primary school, able to support with CPD, English, Phonics, ITT training and T and L in general.

  • Samantha Goddard

    Samantha Goddard

    Works at Histon and Impington Infants, specialises in Maths and Phonics support.

  • Shona Inman

    Shona Inman

    I work at Histon & Impington Primary School and can support with CPD, English, PE and T & L in general.

  • Tiffany Middleton

    Tiffany Middleton

    Tiffany works at Histon and Impington Junior School. As well as SEN she is a behaviour specialist.

  • Timothy Webb

    Timothy Webb

    Tim works at Katherine Semar Junior School and specialises in NQT and trainee mentoring as well as primary PE. Tim is also an experienced CPD facilitator.

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