Meet Our SLEs

Teaching and Learning - Secondary

  • Alexa Minett

    Alexa Minett

    Alexa is currently Head of English at Parkside Federation Academies, Parkside Campus. She is currently developing the English curriculum in response to changes in both the KS3 National Curriculum, as well as the 9-1 changes at GCSE. She is also involved with the development of school-wide systems and practices for Life Without Levels within the Parkside Federation.

  • Alison Hodgson

    Alison Hodgson

    Can also offer support in subject specialism of Science. based in Cambourne Village College.

  • Amy Kennedy

    Amy Kennedy

    Amy joined SWCHS as Head of History in September 2008 and have been Deputy Director of Sixth Form at SWCHS for the past five years. Amy has mentored and coached staff and has been involved in numerous outreach projects both in history and KS5. She has also led teaching and learning CPD sessions at SWCHS and at other schools.

  • Angela Rodda

    Angela Rodda

    Angela Rodda - Assistant Headteacher at Saffron Walden County High School and Director of Teaching School.
    Senior Tutor for CTSN SCITT responsible for Core Training.
    As Director of The Saffron Alliance Teaching School Angela is responsible for the development across all strands from Initial teacher training, CPLD, school to school support and research and development. She has been a Professional Tutor for many years; leading a team of school based mentors who support trainee teachers to develop their practice in the classroom. She has also facilitated CPLD in a range of different school contexts and leads on Research and Development as part of CTSN. It has always been important to her to research and develop her own practice and has recently completed an ILM qualification in Coaching.

  • Angela Williams

    Angela Williams

    Angela is a Deputy Head of English at The Ramsey Academy, with particular responsibility for lower school English and whole school literacy, including oracy. She has extensive experience of coaching staff from trainees and NQTs to the experienced and can offer support for English, Literacy across the Curriculum and behaviour.
    I have been an SLE for 3 years and can offer support for English, Literacy across the Curriculum and behaviour.

  • Bronwen Fox

    Bronwen Fox

    Bronwen is a history teacher at Saffron Walden County High School, specialising in History, Assessment and Behaviour & Discipline. She also an experienced CPD facilitator (Middle Leaders and Outstanding Teaching programmes).

  • Carolyn Flight

    Carolyn Flight

    Behaviour and Discipline specialist.

  • Catherine Davis

    Catherine Davis

    Catherine is a deputy Headteacher at Saffron Walden County High School and a SAT Director of School Improvement. She has responsibility for teaching and learning and has the following portfolio of responsibilities: CPD, Teaching and Learning; primary transition; research and development. She has also line-managed the following curriculum areas: Science, Technology, Humanities, Languages, Computing, Music, Art and Drama. As a previous Head of English, Catherine has worked with various schools on school improvement with a focus on English.

  • Catherine Hobden

    Catherine Hobden

    Ormiston Bushfield Academy

    • Teaching and Learning
    I have recently taken on a role as a visiting moderator for the Speaking and Listening unit for Edexcel.
    20 years as a specialist teacher of English.
    The Academy’s achievement in English GCSE moved from 19.4% to 56% over a two year period; a standard which has been maintained. I have supported departments in tracking student progress ensuring that students of all abilities are encouraged and guided towards individual success; the Academy enjoyed an 8% rise in the 3 levels of progress achieved this year.
    I has been extensively involved in interviewing, training, developing and supporting ITT, GTP, NQT and experienced staff .

  • Charlie Gilbank

    Charlie Gilbank

    Charles is a Deputy Principal of a large secondary school with a remit for Assessment and Strategy. In the past he has worked with the National College/QCA/DfE on a number of projects, including: Within School Variation, the 21st Century Curriculum, Assessment and IAG. He was also appointed as the Lead Consultant on Curriculum Design for the East of England and a SSAT Lead Practitioner in Curriculum design. Charles then moved on to be a Regional Advisor for the National College on 11-19 and IAG. Having completed an MBA he now is based back in school. Charles continues to work as an SLE supporting schools with a range of projects from Performance Management, Strategic Planning to Online reporting and Assessment.

  • Dee Wallace

    Dee Wallace

    Swavesey Village College

    • Leadership of continuing professional development
    • Pupil Achievement - English
    10 Years in post, and have been AST in English, Head of Year and second in English, now Assistant Principal.

    I have recent experience of supporting an English dept in another school.

  • Duncan Roberts

    Duncan Roberts

    Duncan is the acting Principal at Joyce Frankland Academy, Newport; a secondary school strategic partner within the Saffron Alliance. His leadership responsibility portfolio includes leading on teaching, learning and assessment strategy across the Academy as well as tracking academic outcomes at whole-school level. Duncan has also been a Head of English and Advanced Skills Teacher in English. He specialises in Assessment, Leadership of CPD and English.

  • Emily Oakes

    Emily Oakes

    Assistant Head of Hedingham School, History.

  • Fiona Lane

    Fiona Lane

    Fiona is the Initial Teacher Training Course Tutor at Notley High School & Braintree Sixth Form and specialises in English and ITT.

  • Georgina Ward

    Georgina Ward

    Georgina works at Longsands school, and is a specialist in KS4 & 5 Fine Art and Photography..

  • Hannah Benjamin

    Hannah Benjamin

    Hannah is the Head of Drama at Saffron Walden County High School specialising in drama and curriculum leadership. She is also a mentor and subject-specialist link with CTSN SCITT.

  • Hannah Kennard

    Hannah Kennard

    I have been Subject Leader of Art and Photography at Swavesey Village College for 4 years. I can support in developing Art, Photography and help with ITTs and NQTs, having supported several in my department.

  • Hannah Turner

    Hannah Turner

    Swavesey Village College

    • Science (Cambridge and Peterborough Science Learning Partnership)
    Whole school attendance
    • Network/Partnership Working
    Extending the boundaries of learning

    I champion the Pledges scheme at Swavesey VC and have a passion for extending the boundaries of learning and present regularly on widening student participation in extra-curricular activities and student leadership.

  • Harvey Goodwin

    Harvey Goodwin

    Also subject specialism is Music. Based at St Peter's School Huntingdon.

  • Heather Clark-Hope

    Heather Clark-Hope

    Heather is currently Lead Teacher of English at Ely College and has nine years of leadership experience within English, in secondary modern, grammar and comprehensive schools. She has extensive experience of working with, supporting and developing ITT, GTP/NQT and experienced staff. She is also experienced in delivering whole school CPD, managing the development of English curricula (KS3/4 and 5) and leading literacy across the curriculum.

  • Helen Johnson

    Helen Johnson

    Helen is a former Head of English in a London secondary school, Advanced Skills Teacher and, most recently, national English and Literacy Specialist Advisor for a large multi-academy trust before joining Hockerill Anglo-European College as an English Lead Teacher. Having completed her NPQSL she specialises in coaching models and whole school literacy. Helen offers a range of experience, up-to-date training and guidance across the key stages.

  • Helen Price

    Helen Price

    Helen has taught and led Humanities subjects in schools for over 20 years, and is currently Head of Humanities at the Ramsey Academy. She has led both History and RE departments as subject leader and have recently supported a Suffolk school in improving their Key Stage 4 provision in History and Geography. She’s been a whole school literacy co-ordinator and a Learning co-ordinator across the school and worked as Lead Subject Mentor for History with MEITT, working with trainee teachers, and have contributed to many whole school INSET initiatives on issues such as questioning, meeting the needs of all learners, and addressing the underachievement of boys. She has worked as a teaching and learning coach and mentor, working with peers to help improve their practice.

  • Holly Sutton

    Holly Sutton

    Holly is an Assistant Headteacher at Notley High School & Braintree Sixth Form specialising in English and Behaviour & Discipline.

  • Iain Walker

    Iain Walker

    English and CPD specialist, runs OTP and ITP courses for CTSN.

  • Jenny Stalley

    Jenny Stalley

    Jenny is a lead teacher in maths at Alec Hunter Academy specialising in Mathematics and leadership of curriculum.

  • Jo Plumb

    Jo Plumb

    Science specialist at Cambourne Village College.

  • Jonathan Ellams

    Jonathan Ellams

    Jonathan is currently Professional Tutor at Parkside Federation, Cambridge. Previous posts include AST in English, Assistant Head Teacher, Director of Studies, Head of Year and Head of Curriculum Area. Jonathan has worked a great deal in the creation and delivery of CPD, has been a coach for Middle Leaders for NCSL and is currently working on Curriculum Change in terms of Life Without Levels within the Parkside Federation.

  • Julie Nolan

    Julie Nolan

    Leader of Learning at Stamford Welland Academy, Stamford, Science background as an AST.

  • Kate Bell

    Kate Bell

    Can also offer support in subject specialism of Maths. Currently Lead Practitioner of Maths, and Asst Maths Hub lead at Longsands Academy.

  • Katie Vanderpere-Brown

    Katie Vanderpere-Brown

    Katie is a the Director of IT, Area Co-ordinator for the Vocational and Computing Area and an associate senior leader at Saffron Walden County High School. A Computer Science specialist (and member of CAS) Katie has a strong track record for school to school support work, visiting schools to deliver curriculum change, exam support and to support non-specialist teachers. She is the Subject Specialist for Computer Science and CTSN and works as a PGCE mentor for both CTSN and UH. Katie is an experienced middle leader and can work on leadership development as well as school wide strategies for Edtech. Katie is a qualified workplace coach.

  • Katrina McDougall

    Katrina McDougall

    I am Head of MFL at Nene Park Academy, Peterborough.

  • Keeley Hillman

    Keeley Hillman

    Keeley is an assistant Headteacher at Hedingham School and specialises in science, assessment and supporting the most able.

  • Kimberley White

    Kimberley White

    Kimberley is the Professional and the Lead Subject Mentor for Mid Essex Initial Teacher Training course. Her specialisms are Philosophy, Ethics and Religion in addition to Sociology. She is currently studying for a MEd in Research Practice at Cambridge University.

  • Kirsty Holden

    Kirsty Holden

    Kirsty is a head of Geography at Saffron Walden County High School, specialising in Geography, Closing the Gap and Mentoring.

  • Lauren Cox

    Lauren Cox

    Lauren is the Area Co-ordinator for Design and Technology at Saffron Walden County High School specialising in Design and Technology and curriculum leadership. She also has extensive mentoring experience.

  • Lesley Daniel

    Lesley Daniel

    CMAT Vice Principal

    • (English) Leadership

    I have extensive and recent experience in supporting English departments in other schools.
    I frequently present on middle leadership courses, and am trained to deliver ITP courses.

  • Lianne Bryan

    Lianne Bryan

    Head of House in a vertical tutoring system at Nene Park Academy, and experienced in Primary PE liaison.

  • Mark Dawes

    Mark Dawes

    Comberton Village College, Mathematics.
    I organise the Cambs Maths Secondary Heads of Dept meetings, and also the Cambs Post-16 Mathematics teachers meetings. Please contact me if you wish to join either group.

  • Mark Norman

    Mark Norman

    Mark is a Deputy Headteacher at Saffron Walden County High School and specialises in Leadership, Assessment & reporting, intervention and English.

  • Mark Turner

    Mark Turner

    I work at Parkside Federation in Cambridge and can support with History, CPD, T & L and mentoring.

  • Matthew Mannas

    Matthew Mannas

    Specialist in CPD – Teaching and Learning
    Matt has developed a number of teaching and learning courses and regularly delivers these to staff throughout Cambridgeshire:-
    Cover Supervisor course
    Specialist teaching and learning days for those training through the SCITT programme
    Developing Effective Teaching (DET) Primary
    Developing Effective Teaching (DET) Secondary
    Developing Outstanding Teaching (DOT) Primary
    Developing Outstanding Teaching (DOT) Secondary

    Matt is also an AST in ICT and Computer Science.

  • Mel Ellis

    Mel Ellis

    I am an experienced Lead teacher of Science from Swavesey Village College.

  • Melanie Townsend

    Melanie Townsend

    Assistant Head of Notley High School, also English and Leadership.

  • Michael Snaith

    Michael Snaith

    Michael is the Area Co-ordinator for Modern Foreign at Saffron Walden County High School and specialises in Modern Foreign Languages and Leadership of Curriculum.

  • Neil Chamberlain

    Neil Chamberlain

    Neil is the Director of Maths and Associate Senior Leader at Saffron Walden County High School specialising in maths and curriculum leadership.

  • Nick Vosper

    Nick Vosper

    Nick is the Director of Science at Notley High School and Braintree Sixth Form and Lead subject Mentor for Mid Essex Initial Teacher Training (MEITT). A biology teacher, Nick offers support with Faculty management, curriculum development, Improving teaching and learning whole-school, marking and Assessment whole school, developing trainee teachers in Science and STEM development.

  • Paul Finch

    Paul Finch

    Paul is an Assistant Headteacher (Teaching and Learning) at Hedingham School and Sixth Form, specialising in Physical Education and leadership.

  • Polly Lankester

    Polly Lankester

    Polly is the Associate Headteacher at Saffron Walden County High School and specialises in History and Leadership.

  • Rachel Hawkes

    Rachel Hawkes

    CAM Academy Trust
    I offer consultancy in languages and research locally and nationally, for schools and/or groups of schools.
    I run the Spanish TSST course, a DfE initiative for teacher development, as well as local network meetings for Heads of Languages.
    Please contact me if you wish to join either group.

  • Rachel Kelly

    Rachel Kelly

    Rachel is the Headteacher at Stour Valley Community School and specialises in Leadership, MFL and behaviour and attendance.

  • Rachel Mills

    Rachel Mills

    Rachel is the Director of Humanities & Director of ITT at Saffron Walden County High School, specialising in History and Politics, closing the gap and leadership of curriculum.

  • Rebecca Gee

    Rebecca Gee

    Rebecca is the Director of English at Notley High School and specialises in English curriculum leadership.

  • Rebecca Jermy

    Rebecca Jermy

    Rebecca is the Director of English at Saffron Walden County High School, having previously been Head of Faculty at Farlingaye High School, specialising in English, and leadership of Curriculum.

  • Russell Milne

    Russell Milne

    Russell is the Director of Science & Associate Senior Leader at Saffron Walden County High School, specialising in Science/Biology. He’s an experienced deliverer of CPD.

  • Sarah Morgan

    Sarah Morgan

    Swavesey Village College. Science advice at Secondary level. I am available to run a science based day or half day training, either NQT/RQT based or something around practical work in Science or extending the most able.

  • Sarah Spaxman

    Sarah Spaxman

    Sarah is a Deputy Headteacher at RA Butler Academy, in Saffron Walden, specialising in inclusion, Pastoral and Mental Health issues.

  • Tiffany Watson

    Tiffany Watson

    Tiffany is currently the Lead Teacher of English at Saffron Walden County High School having held leadership roles in previous schools. She has recent experience of supporting and developing a secondary English department, with a focus on student progress and has been involved in delivering the whole school CPD programme.

  • Tina Allen

    Tina Allen

    The Voyager Academy

    • Drama The Arts, English Speaking and Listening

    15 Years experience in the Performing Arts, leading Drama and a Performing Arts Faculty. I have worked closely with primary schools on drama productions and worked with another secondary school on raising the profile of Drama.

  • Verity Merryweather

    Verity Merryweather

    Verity currently teaches Dance at Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 for Parkside Federation Academies, Cambridge. She has previously been Assistant Director of Create and Lead Teacher (Create) within the Federation. She is currently a National Standards Verifier and Team Leader for BTEC Dance and has recently been appointed as an examiner for Pearson and IB. She is a CDET recognised teacher and holds FISTD qualifications in Tap and Modern. Verity holds a ‘Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching and Learning’ and has completed an MA in Teaching and Learning. She has been a mentee on the National Dance Teacher Association / Dance UK’s ‘Dance Teaching Mentoring’ programme and has recently been mentored by Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures as part of their ‘Overture’ programme. For the past ten years, Verity has promoted the educational ethos of ‘excellence, collaboration and innovation’, she has a passion for classroom practice and prides herself in inclusive and holistic methods that encourage creativity and high attainment.

  • Vicky Williamson

    Vicky Williamson

    Vicky is currently SENCO at Parkside Community College.

    She specialises in working strategically to support colleagues in developing inclusive teaching, so that students with SEND do not experience barriers to learning in the classroom.

    Vicky can also advise about effective development and deployment of Teaching Assistants.

    Vicky holds the National SENCo Award, the Level 7 OCR Certificate in Assessing & Teaching Learners with SpLD, and an SSAT Diploma in Leading Outstanding SEN provision in mainstream schools.

  • Will Taylor

    Will Taylor

    Will is a lead teacher in maths and is the KS5 maths co-ordinator at Saffron Walden County High School specialising in mathematics.

  • Zena Coxon

    Zena Coxon

    Zena is Head of French and Lead Subject Mentor of Modern Foreign Languages at Notley High School and Braintree Sixth Form specialising in modern foreign languages and ITT mentoring.

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