Maths for Non-Specialists

Posted on: 3rd August 2020

Maths for Non-Specialists

There’s an acute shortage of maths teachers with many lessons are being taught by non-specialist teachers

This course is aimed at those non-specialist teachers teaching maths in secondary schools who want to gain extra confidence and good teaching techniques.

Scheduled early in the academic year so the impact can made swiftly, it will maximise the delegates ability as a non-specialist to deliver the secondary maths curriculum efficiently and effectively as well as deepen their subject knowledge. It will give them the tools to teach a tough curriculum.

The course will cover:

  • The KS3 and KS4 requirements
  • Mathematical ideas and problem solving
  • Common misconceptions
  • The exam process
  • Starters and plenaries
  • Assessment and feedback
  • Collaborative lesson planning

Dates and fees

3.30pm - 5.00pm

Wednesday 7 October

Wednesday 4 November

Wednesday 2 December

£100 per delegate


Online by The Ramsey Academy


If you would like to apply please email Pauline Haslam: