Attachment Theory and recovery

Posted on: 2nd August 2020

Attachment Theory and recovery

Attachment Theory is the understanding of the connections and relationships made in early infancy and childhood. Where these experiences are disrupted, inadequate or abusive, the long-term impact on a child can be extremely damaging. In this session we explore:

  • What is Attachment and how is it formed
  • What impacts Attachment
  • The bodies response to abuse, neglect and trauma
  • Classroom presentations and behaviour
  • Support and advice

NB this afternoon will also cover the impact that lockdown has had on attachment and how to best support students returning to school.

Dates and fees

1.00pm  – 3.00pm

Friday 18 September – NB this session will be held as a Office Teams conference call meeting

Friday 20 November

£30 + VAT per delegate


Online via Zoom


If you would like to apply please email Pauline Haslam: