Speech Language and Communication Needs

Speech Language and Communication Needs

Underpinning a lot of Special Educational Needs is a language disorder. This can vary from understanding language (receptive) to communicating thoughts and ideas (expressive). Memory, organisation of thought and motivation are also impacted in this fundamental area. This session explores:

  • The fundamentals of listening and communication
  • Memory
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Vocabulary
  • Blank Levels of language

Dates and fees

1.30pm  – 3.00pm

Monday 1 March

£30 per delegate


Online via Zoom


To book your place please email Lorraine Chedzoy: lchedzoy@swchs.net


Course Details

Course Code: SA -Speech

Price: £30.00

Duration: 1/2 day


Events: Start Date: 01/3/2021