CTSN Research Conference

CTSN Research Conference

Tuesday 10th July 3.45pm - 6.30pm

Session 1: 3.45pm - 4.20pm Research ‘Market place’
Session 2: 4.25pm - 4.55pm Workshops
Session 3: 5pm - 5.30pm Workshops
Break: 5.30pm-5.45pm Refreshments & Networking
Session 4: 5.45pm - 6.30pm Panel Discussion


Speakers include:

Cat Scutt – Chartered College

Paul Warwick - University of Cambridge

Karen Spence-Thomas – University College of London's Institute of Education

Rob Loe – Relational Schools

Steve Mastin – Chair of the Conservative Education Society

Andy Samways - Samuel Ward Research School

Caroline Derbyshire – SWCHS Headteacher

Tom Sherrington - Educational Consultant

Copies of Tom Sherrington's latest book The Learning Rainforest will be available to purchase £10 payable on the evening by cash or cheque. Or order copies here from Amazon.

Copies of Tom Sherrington's latest book The Learning Rainforest will be available to purchase £10 payable on the evening by cash or cheque. Or order copies here from Amazon.



£20 – Full price

£15  – Chartered College members

£15 – Trainee Teachers

£10 – Trainee Teachers who are Chartered College members

£10 – Groups of £10+ 

Please contact Jane Catley: jcatley@swchs.net to discuss further discounts for group bookings

To book please click:  CTSN Research Conference Bookings


Bookable Workshops:

Once you have booked your tickets you will be sent an email with a link to these bookable workshops. Depending on availability you should have the option to book two workshops.

Engaging with evidence through EEF and Research Schools: Samuel Ward Academy Trust Research School with Andy Samways

The Research Schools Network provides all those working in education the opportunity to share, generate and bring to life evidence of 'what works' in schools to improve teaching and learning. This workshop will introduce the work of our Research School, signposting to a wide range of freely available, actionable evidence-based resource and outlining how you can get involved for the maximum benefit of the pupils you teach, your own practice and that of the staff you work with.

Poorly Crows and Elephant Poo - Bring Phonics Alive with Beci McCaughran, Katherine Semar Schools

The workshop will reflect on the success of a local DfE funded Phonics Partnership in raising attainment in phonics and early reading.  We will look at the development models used and consider the best ways to affect change and empower young readers and writers.

Sleep and Screen Use in Children, Does It Matter? What does research tell us? with Dr Alasdair Parker, Consultant Paediatric Neurologist, Addenbrooke's Hospital and the University of Cambridge

How the Chartered College can help you engage with research with Cat Scutt and Martin Lee, the Chartered College of Teaching

Recent research in the at the IOE with Karen Spence-Thomas, University College London

Building dialogue teaching and learning with technology: ideas and evidence from micro-blogging research at SWCHS, with Paul Warwick and Vic Cook, University of Cambridge

With some practical experience of the micro-blogging tool ‘Talkwall’ available through a market place stall, this complementary session looks at the research evidence - gained from working with SWCHS and other schools in the UK and Norway – that suggests how to make the most of this technology in your classroom.

Investing in our relational capital: Recruitment, retention and wellbeing of teachers with Dr Rob Loe

Relational Schools Foundation (RSF) was commissioned last year to carry out a five-year longitudinal research programme, exploring the impact of a trainee teacher’s social and professional relationships on their success as a trainee and thereafter as a teacher. Foundation Director, Dr Rob Loe will explore the interim findings a year in

Inspiration Trust with Steve Mastin

Transformative practice: embedding new ideas in your teaching with Robin Griffiths, Institute of Physics

So you engage with the research, you follow the Twitterati, you elbow fellow staff out of the way to get to TES or SchoolsWeek, but how does all this research find a n enduring place in your practice?  How can what you learn effect meaningful change in how you teach?  Get ready to own your CPD!

Leading CPD: lessons learned from our 100% rated IOP residential with Robin Griffiths, Institute of Physics

The IOP ran a residential training course on how to lead CPD sessions.  Drawing on 10 years of experience, our field team led sessions in what they do when their audience is not children but other teachers.  What did we learn?  What would we change?

Embedding Research into a school culture with Polly Lankester, Saffron Walden County High School

21st Century Skills – CEIAG with Graham Oxborrow and Sarah Dignasse, Saffron Walden County High School