School Direct Salaried Flexible Route

The School Direct Salaried Flexible Route is a part-time two year teacher training programme. This teacher training route will allow trainees to maintain other forms of employment or personal commitments alongside their teacher training. Trainees are required to have three years of experience in the work place, but this is not limited to experience in the school setting. It is therefore the ideal option for those who are looking for a career change. This route is only applicable for those who want to teach maths, physics or computer science.

The route requires two days a week to be spent in the school setting and half a day of other central core training. The route is entirely flexible and can be tailored to the trainees’ needs, including which days can be spent in school. It is a salaried option of training with no tuition fees; trainees are employed by a school as an unqualified teacher, 50% pro rota split over two years.

All flexible-route trainees will be employed by a CTSN partnership school for two school years, the duration of the programme. Towards the end of year one, trainees will be placed in a contrasting school to broaden their school experience.

Our trainees are provided with high-quality subject-specific mentoring which allows trainees to reflect on their practice and gain support from experienced colleagues. This allows our trainees to learn from their mentors, enabling rapid development of their subject knowledge and the sharing of the practice of teaching in a school setting.

At the end of the two years, trainees will have a Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) qualification with The Cambridge Teaching Schools Network Training Partnership SCITT, as well as a robust introduction to and preparation for the teaching profession. The effective combination of academic study and practical skills development enables trainees to reflect on and improve their teaching practice with a focus on broadening the experience of the teacher's role beyond the classroom.

For more information, please view our handbook.